GLOBAL CONSORTIUM LISTENING SESSIONS - Session 3 Focus – Policy: How Governments and Ministries of Health are Working with the Industry to Respond to COVID

June 24, 3:00pm, EDT - 4:30pm, EDT



COVID-19 is a global health and societal emergency that necessitates effective action, coordination, and cooperation throughout the community. HIMSS, HL7 International, and IHE International formed the Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability to help the global community deploy key initiatives by aligning technology and policy resources to improve outcomes.

The Consortium aims to support standards development, adoption, interpretation, and acceleration in alignment with key policy principles endorsed by Ministries of Health and government agencies around the globe, with the goal of advancing the deployment of interoperable health solutions that improve patient health outcomes.

The Consortium is curating a series of three initial COVID-19 listening sessions to help raise awareness, reduce duplicative efforts, focus industry resources, and share actionable insights from key stakeholders involved in the global pandemic response.

The focus of this June 24th listening session will be:

Policy: How Governments and Ministries of Health are Working with the Industry to Respond to COVID-19

Each 90-minute listening session will include representatives from key projects that will provide an overview of their efforts, projected milestones, and describe potential opportunities for participation. These listening sessions will be held at different times to accommodate an international audience. Listening sessions will be facilitated by Consortium SMEs. A summary brief will be generated after each session, and a final report will be published to the Consortium website once the first series of listening sessions have concluded.

If you have any questions about the Global Consortium’s COVID-19 listening sessions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Adam Bazer at