Mentorship Program


The HIMSS Student Mentorship Program is designed to foster dialogue about the continually changing professional landscape of Health Informatics and Health Information Technology and prepare students to enter the job market. 

The HIMSS Mentorship program pairs one working professional (the “Mentor”) with one undergraduate or graduate student (the “Mentee”).  The mentees are majoring in healthcare informatics or health information technology-related fields at local colleges and universities. 

Our vision is that each mentor-mentee relationship will advance real-world understanding, promote alumni engagement, and enhance students’ understanding about career opportunities. In just a few hours per month, you will create lasting relationships that enrich your professional life, even after the program ends.

The National Capital Area (NCA) HIMSS Mentor Program will run from October 2018 to May 2019. New applications for the program will be accepted between September 1st and October 31.


Any member interested in being a mentor will send their bio to the Mentor Program Chair along with a statement of their willingness to commit the time to the program. As a mentor, we ask that you review your mentee’s resume, offer interview advice, and meet monthly face to face or virtually throughout the program period. You also need to attend regular HIMSS events as often as you can to spend time with your mentee. The Mentor Program Committee will select applicants and maintain the pool of available mentors.


Mentees must be Junior or Senior Undergraduates or Graduate students in informatics or health IT programs who can commit to the program objectives and goals (part of the Application process) and are willing to meet at least four times with their mentors at a mutually conducive time. Mentees must be members of the National Capital Area (NCA) HIMSS Chapter. As a mentee, you will prepare a resume, conduct practice interviews, and learn about industry trends.

Mentees must be able to attend group sessions and HIMSS NCA Chapter meetings (3rd Thursday each month from 4:30-8:00pm at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn, with the exception of December). In April 2019, you will attend a mock job fair with companies from around the beltway.  You will also learn about internship and job opportunities during the program.

Any prospective mentee that wishes to be paired with an available mentor will fill out an application outlining their individual goals from a mentorship, including the desired skills they wish to be mentored in and/or experience in specific roles or specific employer types. The Mentor Program Committee will evaluate applications and pair candidates with willing mentors. The Mentor Program Committee will screen applicants with the potential mentor before finalizing the match

Mentee Eligibility Requirements:

  • Junior, Senior or Graduate students in informatics or health information technology area who can commit to the program objectives and goals (Application process) and are willing to meet at least four times with their mentors at a mutually conducive time.
  • HIMSS NCA Chapter member (students or mentors [membership will be verified])
  • Able to attend group sessions and HIMSS NCA Chapter meetings (3rd Thursday each month from 4:30-8:00pm at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn)

Able to meet at least four (4) times with your mentor or mentee at a mutually agreed upon time

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship program will have oversight by the Mentorship Program Committee. The committee will have a chair and at least two seasoned professionals. Diversity in experience will be important for the committee; members can be from the vendor community, government, as well as from the provider community.

In addition to having oversight of the program and matching applicants, the committee will also be available to help resolve any concerns or problems.

The Committee will plan the Agenda for the year and develop program topics and obtain guest speakers, as appropriate. 

Program Evaluation

To determine if the National Capital Area (NCA) HIMSS board should continue this program, it is understood that the program will need to be evaluated. However, it is not the intent of the mentorship committee to become intimately involved with each Mentor/Mentee pairing. As such, while it is recommended that each pair creates goals for themselves, the evaluation will be a simple questionnaire at the end of year to determine if the program was beneficial to its participants. One requirement for program participation is the agreement to evaluate the program at the end of year.

Time Table

The program will be run from October to May during each calendar year. Participants that are Juniors in college may continue in the program for an additional year. It is understood that some might want to continue in their prior Mentor/Mentee relationship for a second year or seek a different mentor to gain additional insight and experience.

Mentoring Process

The following steps are the recommended approach for the mentoring process, but each Mentor/Mentee pair shall be able to review and revise these as appropriate.

  1. Initial meeting - This meeting should take place within 1 month of when the pairing takes place. If possible, this meeting will take place in person and last a minimum of 1 hour
  2. Goals & schedule set - The Mentor/Mentee pair should establish a set of goals for their mentoring relationship, so they will be able to evaluate if the program met these. A preliminary schedule should be established at this time, including how frequent meetings should occur and when reviews should occur. If possible, these goals will be documented and submitted to the Mentor Program Chair to better understand why people are engaging in this program and to aid in program evaluation and improvement.
  3. Mentoring meetings – The Mentor/Mentee pair should establish a suggested frequency for their meetings. It is suggested that at minimum a monthly check-in should occur and meetings (via phone or in person) should take place every other month.
  4. Mid-year review – To ensure that the mentoring process is helpful; a brief review at the midpoint is suggested. The purpose of the review is to determine how well the goals are being met and adjustments are made as appropriate.
  5. End of year review – This is the only required activity of the program. A separate review should occur by both mentor and mentee. The primary purpose of the review is to determine if the current program is meeting the goals of the participants and provide feedback towards improving the program.

Application Process

The program is being launched for Mentors to apply first. If you are willing to serve as a Mentor please download the Mentor application, complete the form and e-mail it to Joan Bishop ( If you are interested in becoming a Mentee, or for any questions related to Mentee applications and qualifications, please Brecken Auchterlonie ( and/or Tyler Carlin (  Mentee candidates can download the Mentee application below, complete the form and email it to the Mentee Co-Leads, Brecken Auchterlonie ( and Tyler Carlin (

For any additional information regarding this program, please contact the program co-chairs, Ann Kenny ( or Diana Ceban (