Sponsorship Program

The HIMSS NCA Chapter Sponsorship funds support the following activities:

  • Educational Sessions – meeting expenses including facility rental, audio-visual services, and food expenses – average of about $7,500 per session.
  • Free attendance for Federal, state and local government officials and military attendees at all educational sessions. Our members benefit from the networking, speakers’ & panelists presentations, and sharing of contract opportunities. Discounted attendance for students who are the future of our chapter and HIMSS.
  • Volunteer Appreciation – expenses related to individual gifts (e.g., Starbucks, Home Depot gift cards, etc.) for those volunteers that contributed a significant amount of time towards support for our Educational Sessions, Outreach activities, etc. 
  • Marketing Materials including printing expenses, website operations expenses, signage, flyers, give-ways, etc.
  • Overall operations of the leading local HIMSS chapters in the nation.

Three Types of Sponsorships

  1. Corporate Sponsors – $12,000 
  2. Food and Beverage Sponsors - $15,000
  3. Chapter Sponsors - $7,500
    1. Scholarship Sponsor
    2. Charity Sponsor
    3. Mentor Program Sponsor
  4. Educational Session (Program) Sponsors
    1. Monument - $5,000
    2. Metro - $1,500
    3. Small Business Sponsors - $500 
  5. Other Event Sponsorship Opportunities
    1. HIMSS NCA Ugly Sweater Holiday Event
      1. Event Lead Sponsor - $1500 
      2. Small Business Sponsorship - $500 

For more information, please contact nca.sponsorship@himsschapter.org